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About Us

Our objective: The HKU Marathon Team is the first local university marathon team to participate in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. Its objective is to encourage members of The University of Hong Kong to participate in the sport of running. Running is a sport that trains not only one's physical fitness but also one's mind, particularly for endurance and perseverance.

Since 2006, over 12,500 members of the University have joined the HKU Marathon Team. The Team has won the “Most Supportive Group Award” of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon for the past eleven years.

"This demonstrates the unity, dedication and spirit that we all share in the HKU family"
Professor Lap-Chee Tsui                   
   The 14th Vice-Chancellor                    

"The HKU Marathon Team represents the unity within the University family, bringing together students, alumni, staff, families and friends."
Professor S P Chow                   
   Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor                  

"There are three characteristics commonly found in a leader: a great mind, a fit body and the ability to work in a team. HKU represents the best of minds, with its graduates, staff and students."
Professor Paul Cheung         
Chairman of HKU Marathon Team Organising Committee

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