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"My life has been transformed from a sedentary office lady into a running lover. Running is now my language to communicate with people around the world without any barriers."

Running is my language

Pauline Tse謝麗僑, MSc(ECom&IComp) 2002

"Whenever I feel down or encounter difficulties in life, I cheer myself up and get recharged by looking at the HKU Marathon Team's photos on my desk."

Running until I canít

The marathon journey of Kwong Hung-piu 鄺熊標, HKU Marathon Team runner since 2006:

Let's keep the marathon spirit running in 2017!

If you have successfully registered for the SCHKM 2017

             HKU Marathon Team 2017 Now!


                HKUnited We Run
         See you on the Race day, Feb 12, 2017!


Marathon Cheer