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The 7th Pokfulam Challenge - Charity Run & Family Day


The 7th Pokfulam Challenge - Charity Run & Family Day will be held on Wednesday, May 1 2013. It aims to promote active lifestyle among families and friends while raise funds for needy organizations. This year, the beneficiary organization is the Hong Kong Blind Sports Association 香港盲人體育總會 (

We invite you, your family members and friends to join this meaningful event; and give support to visually impaired athletes in Hong Kong.



Long Distance Running 長跑賽事


Tennis courts, the University of Hong Kong
140 Pokfulam Road


Pokfulam Family Walk 薄扶林水塘郊野公園

Start time:

10:00 a.m.


10Km (Cross Country)


Treasure Hunt Game 親子尋寶遊戲比賽

A Treasure Hunt for family will be held at the General Assembly shortly after the start of the 10K race. Each team should consist of 2-3 family members, which must include a child (3 to 10 years old) and a guardian (aged 18 or above).


Entry Info: 8119 4312
Details and registration: click here




Hong Kong Multisports Association


HKU Marathon Team
HKU Institute of Human Performance (IHP)





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