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搏盡無悔  United We Run --- 14 years of the HKU marathon spirit

United We Run
Let's applaud the 1,824 runners and the Cheering Team of 100 students, staff, alumni and runners' family members of the HKU Marathon Team at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on February 17.

CONGRATULATIONS to our most senior runner, 81-year-old Kwong Hung-piu who has completed his 10Km for 14 years and the youngest brothers 11-year-old Yat Lam and 10-year-old Yat Hin on their 2.2Km in Youth Dash.

A BIG THANK YOU to alumni and runners who have donated to support the HKU Marathon Team. Special thanks also go to the Centre for Sports and Exercise for the training programmes; HKU Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Full-time) Alumni Association for the therapeutic service; Green dot dot for the tea, MSc(ECom&IComp) Programme Office, and the Development & Alumni Affairs Office for organising the Team.

Photos will be available on HKU Marathon Team website shortly.

The HKU Marathon Team was founded by Professor Paul Cheung in 2006 with the aim of promoting the sport of running and the spirit of marathon. It is also the first local university marathon team which has participated in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and won the "Most Supportive Group Award" since 2006.

Together, let's continue the HKU marathon spirit 搏盡無悔.

HKU Marathon Team 2019


Marathon Cheer