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Gear up for Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019

The HKU Centre for Sports and Exercise has prepared the following FREE training seminars and Marathon Clinic to help you perform your best at the upcoming Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2019:


Training seminars:

Seminar 1 - [Beginner-friendly] How to prepare your 1st race at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon The essence of training and ways for injury prevention
Date: Nov 20 (Tue)
Time: 1830 2000
Venue: MG07, Main Building (
Speaker: Mr. Kenneth Liang
Medium: Cantonese

Seminar 2 - [Beginner-friendly] How to prepare your 1st race at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Basic technicality of "good" running form and way to construct a systematic running programme
Date: Nov 23 (Fri)
Time: 1830 2000
Venue: LE3, Library Extension (
Speaker: Mr. Kenneth Liang
Medium: Cantonese

Seminar 3 - Preparation and Performance How much, how hard and how often should you train to get the most out of your training goals? This seminar will explore training intensity, volume and frequency, running economy, and how to set out your 10k, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon race plan and preparation
Date: Nov 28 (Wed)
Time: 1830 2000
Venue: LE3, Library Extension (
Speaker: Dr. Michael Tse
Medium: English

Seminar 4 - What you should eat and drink to help you complete your distance event Key areas on carbohydrates need before, during the run, and also fluid balance issues
Date: Dec 7 (Fri)
Time: 1830 2000
Venue: KB115, Knowles Building (
Speaker: Dr. Duncan Macfarlane
Medium: English

Marathon Clinic

Date: Dec 8 (Sat)
Venue: Stanley Ho Sports Centre Track, Sandy Bay# (Map)
(Instructors are qualified coaches from the Centre for Sports and Exercise, HKU)
#Please use public transport Green Mini Bus No. : 10, 58, 58A, 58M (Get off at the main entrance of the sports centre)

0830 0900: Registration at stadium, put on HR monitors
0900 0920: General running program structure and importance training variables (HR, RPE, VO2, LT)
0920 0935: General warmup
0935 0950: Pre-run specific and dynamic warmup routine
0950 1010: Running posture and pacing
1010 1030: Discussion of how to estimate VO2max and possible field assessment for estimated VO2max.
1030 1045: (Rest) Explanation of aerobic capacity, and benefits of HIT training
1045 1115: Interval running trials to improve VO2max (Differentiate into 3 groups based on est. VO2max)
1115 1130: (Rest) Explanation of LT, and 30min LTHR test
1130 1145: Strength training for stability, mobility and injury prevention
1145 1200: Cool-down, static stretching, wrap up

Speakers of Seminars

Mr. Kenneth Liang
Health and Fitness Officer, Centre for Sports and Exercise
MSc, Sport medicine (CUHK), BPE, U of Alberta (major in coaching), National Coaching Certificate Programme Level 2 coach, Canada, Certificate of International course for athletics coaches (British Amateur Athletics Board), Ex coaching director for the Hong Kong Amateur Athletics Association

Dr. Michael Tse
Assistant Director, Centre for Sports and Exercise
Michael is an exercise scientist with particular focus on the areas of strength and endurance and has worked with many Hong Kong elite athletes from numerous sport disciplines. He is known to be amongst the first pioneers to develop the field of strength and conditioning in Hong Kong. Michael has a PhD, MBA and BSc in exercise science; he is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA, an international level 2 Triathlon Coach with ITU, and a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist with ACSM.

Dr. Duncan Macfarlane
Acting Head, Centre for Sports and Exercise
Duncan was trained at Otago and Oxford University and currently is an exercise physiologist who researches in a several areas of applied work physiology across a range of disciplines, including sports science, public health, medicine, pediatrics and geriatrics. He is Hong Kong's only Level III ISAK accredited kinanthropometrist and is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

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